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Our Mission at Inner Expedition is:

To awaken your inner self ... to help you uncover, discover and evolve to your highest potential.

Chris LaPrath and his company, InnerEXPEDITION are dedicated to assisting people to clear interference's safely.  This enhances their INNER journey and has the immediate result of the expansion of consciousness.

Connecting beings with their innermost truth results in the person experiencing greater MEANING, PURPOSE and LOVE in their life.

Our services are designed to aid an individual, a company or group, in their quest for that which exceeds anything already experienced, to find out HOW to go beyond and be more … to gain the life tools that will continue to help accomplish goals well beyond your conscious expectations.

Award-winning author, Chris LaPrath is available for speaking engagements, personal appointments, group sessions, seminars and workshops.

Types of  SERVICES: 


  • Individual one-on-one session
  • Private gatherings

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  • Leadership (owner and management) retreat
  • Full company workshops

His background and Master of Arts (MA) in Human Dynamics provides Chris with the tools essential for creating, evaluating, and implementing change effectively within a wide variety of organization types. His educational foundation, containing knowledge and theory from human resources and the social sciences, affords you a critical analysis of the structure and behavior of your organization. Areas of focus include interpersonal communication, leadership skills, organizational culture, human dynamics, and organizational behavior.

This program is designed to provide you and your employees with skills and knowledge that can be applied in a variety of professional settings and leadership roles. As a leader in your company, you will be better prepared to propose and implement structural and personnel changes that will enhance the effectiveness of your business.

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As a group of like minded people, you may be looking for things to aid in your spiritual growth. We can help organize a day long or weekend event in some of the most sacred places found. Enjoy the group dynamics while you work together to raise your consciousness and awareness in a safe haven. Learn more ...


Throughout the year, InnerExpedition will open events to the public in a variety of environments. These may range from a retreat in the mountains, workshops on the ocean to cruises to sacred places.

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