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Christopher has worked with thousands of people around the world, in one on one sessions (in person or by video chat). Read what they have to say about his GIFT and how his sessions have changed their lives.

Chris has an amazing gift that can change peoples lives. 

He has done numerous readings for me when I had very specific questions about stages of my life.  Each time, I left with more clarity, direction and confidence.  Chris has a great way of explaining messages from Guides or meanings of cards in a way that not only make sense, but also educates you more about yourself and the process.  What seems effortless for him has had a tremendous and positive impact on my life.  He has helped transform my life!  Chris is a trusted source for me and I believe would be a divine connection for anyone seeking out guidance. ~ Mike M.- Charlotte, NC

I had the extreme pleasure of first meeting Chris in a group setting. 

His charisma and true honesty was apparent when first meeting him.  We instantly became friends!

It is Chris’s genuine love for Life, another’s well-being, and safety – true gifts! – that will draw you into him.  These assets allow him to be open to your reading allowing you to feel at ease in his presence within the few minutes of sitting down.

I have had a number of readings both scheduled and there was the impromptu – Hey I got tell you this!  

He shares with you the information of what he is feeling/seeing and it is his ability to give specific details that really make his extraordinary.  His readings have included information about the past, dealings with present issues and even direction for the future.  I suggest bringing a notebook or recorder to catch all his goodness! 

I have recommended him to family members and would recommend him to you as well! ~ Jami B.- Phoenix, AZ


I'll never forget meeting Chris for the first time.  It was fall, 2015, through friends. We were at a Casino, in Phoenix, celebrating birthdays, fun and SUNSHINE!

He was not only fun & funny to just converse with, but I sooooooo wanted him to read for us. I wanted to talk with my Dad, who'd been gone a little over 15 years.

Finally, courage took hold and I asked for a breakfast chat ....

As Chris began turning over cards, I'll never forget my confusion when he advised me that, "I needed to LET GO!" .... Let go????  Of what????  I wasn't holding onto anything but love for my father.  

And, I had never been happier in my life.  I had just retired after 43 years of working, had been married to my sweetheart for two years, was traveling and truly felt I had the world by the tail.   What the heck were these words, .... "I need to LET GO!!"??

It took about 3 months for Chris's vision to finally "light up" right in front of me.  His words weren't about my Dad at all, but spoke directly to my anger re: my mother.  Mom had come to live with us five years earlier and in the beginning, things were great. 

I was so happy to be assisting her with her day to day chores.  But, as she turned 87, dementia set in.  She became increasingly angry and abusive, both physically & verbally. This was definitely not a peaceful living situation for anyone in our household.

The time had come to start searching for independent living communities for her, which of course, she resisted, vehemently!!!!!   More fighting ensued than one could even imagine.  I was trying to keep her within a 10-15 min radius of our home and she was standing firm that she wanted to go "home" .... over 1.5 hours away from any reasonable help I could provide her.  Screaming, arguing, trying to get her to agree to "my plan" ... she finally broke me.  I decided to just quit trying to control the decision.  That's when a calm ... a peace ... came over me .... goose bumps welled up on my arm ... Chris's words rose to the front of my mind.  


So, I did .... I let GO .... and, on her own, she actually conceded to MY plan!  She moved only 10 mins from me.  It was such a relief.  Our relationship has been restored.  She happier, healthier than she's been in years.  Peace returned to our household.

Chris's wisdom & advice also resulted in another major benefit for me.  Besides the obvious situation, what specifically struck me today, when thinking back on all this .... is that I also realized a major weight loss this past year.   85 lbs of "protective" fat has been released from my body.  I also LET GO of all that extra weight through a healthier eating plan.

Thank you, Chris Laprath!

YOU are truly amazing ....

YOU are wonderously magic ....

YOU are indeed an inspiration in this WORLD!!!!

I will love you forever for helping me see the positive "light" in a very dark spot in my life! ~ JUDY F. -Seattle, friend, forever

Chris’s first reading not only changed my life, it completely transformed it!

I first met Chris when I was at a point where I was putting off making a very difficult decision. Of course, Chris had no way of knowing that, but his guidance that came through the reading helped me see what decisions needed to be made and why. During the reading, he connected me with my grandmother and my great-grandmother and included specific points of reference that only they and I would understand. They literally gave me advice for my decision and showed me a possible way to enact it. To have that connection was so powerful. I felt surrounded by love and understanding, and I was able to do what I had previously not been able to do.

In the second reading I did with Chris, a year later, my grandma returned with more messages of love, support, and encouragement.  In the second reading, too, Archangel Metatron visited along with a host of other angels, and Chris facilitated that exchange. Even without Chris, angels are, for me, my line to the Highest Power, and for Chris to bring them into direct communication with me was incredibly powerful.  This reading helped me understand how different threads of my life are coming together, both professionally and personally, into a single fabric.

Since the first reading I had with Chris, which was now at least fifteen months ago, I have felt a confidence that I never knew I had. I trust myself and my ability to make decisions on behalf of myself and my son.  I also feel an omnipresent love that goes far beyond what is present in my daily life.  I cannot express my gratitude toward Chris enough for facilitating my monumental life change with his own form of love, understanding, and compassion. ~ Kim W. - Arizona

I've had many readings over the years.

All were somewhere kind of close to what was going on in my life but every time I've had one from Chris they're always right on.

They're always told me whether I'm going in the right direction or whether I need to change my direction and I've always felt them to be very accurate and very helpful.

He's the only person I refer people to. ~ Tammy G. - Mesa, AZ.

I have known Chris for about 10 years or so and he is AMAZING!

You can get a reading from all sorts of people claiming they are gifted but ... are they really? 

Chris really has a gift .... a TRUE gift and a precious heart that wants you to be aware of Spirit ... to learn, to grow, to change so that you can be ALL that you can be in this life! 

He will change your life IF you are willing to open the door ...I DID! ~ Brenda M. - Phoenix, AZ

If you're thinking about booking a reading with Chris, he’s an inspiration!

I had no doubts about his skillful reading. Chris was so accurate, and so helpful. It is unbelievable the events that happened after our reading together.  His knowledge and expertise is like no other! I've never had a reading where
the details have been so comprehensive.

Thank you for an excellent reading!~ Mr.West - Hollywood, CA

I have gone to Chris a number of times, using a variety of his methods and tools for helping me gain clarity and move forward in my own path and goals.

The variety of tools he has at his disposal has made me feel very comfortable, amazed, entertained, and inspired every single time.

Most importantly, he honors soul as the primary driver of our life purpose, while also having the exacting skill of a business consultant.

He is a highly skilled in human dynamics and highly recommended. ~ Miguel D. - Phoenix, AZ

One of the most memorable readings I had with Chris ... he was silent for a minute or so, then he said simply, "12 weeks." When I asked what he meant, he said that was how much longer my mother would be alive.

I had never told him anything about my mother, or asked him anything about her. At that time she was 85 and in rapidly failing health. She died just about 12 weeks to the day after his reading with me.

Other readings we have had have given me insights and inspiration and always leave me feeling peaceful. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!❤

Rosemary S. ~ Portland, OR.

I met Chris Laprath at the perfect time.

The exact time I was supposed to. He guided me through a specific journey in my life when I needed guidance the most.

I was a new mom in a career that was no longer serving me. His insight and intuition is remarkable. Chris knew things about my family and self that were not common knowledge.

I instantly trusted him and have always been amazed by what he tells me in his readings.

One specific experience comes to mind:

During the time I was pregnant and learning how to care for a new born baby, I had a family member living with my husband and I. This family member was a burden on our household.

And she had a dog that I did not trust. The dog was dangerous to have around a baby and unpredictable. So needless to say my home life was overwhelming. The first time I sat down with Chris for a reading (it was also the first time we had met back in 2012), Chris knew right away there was something trying in my life. He said “I am not sure what this means but you need to get that dog out of your house”…………and so I did. He taught me to pay attention to the “signs” and trust my intuitions as well.

Since then on, I  go to Chris for guidance and he always had wonderful messages to share with me. He helped me with his insight to leave a job that was bringing me down. He helped me reach my goals of becoming a yoga instructor and working for myself. He a trusted friend and I think everyone needs a Chris Laprath in their life. ~ Naomi W. - Arizona



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