Is your personal life or business faltering? Are you  lacking focus, balance, harmony, good physical, emotional or financial health?

Do you know that your answers lay within?

We KNOW there is something awaiting us that far exceeds anything we have already experienced and we ask .... HOW can I go beyond and be more?

Each of us has the capacity to expand far beyond  that which we are presently aware!   Christopher LaPrath is an "Insight Practitioner" with the ability to "SEE" far beyond a person’s present awareness, and help them partner with their own INNER cosmic awareness on their personal EXPEDITION

It makes no difference where you are in your life journey ... only that your desire exists … to move forward....evolve, transform and accomplish so much more.

It begins with a call to Chris ...

Welcome to InnerExpedition ...Your new life awaits you.

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Trestle Creek: Things the Dead Fear Authored by: Christopher Louis LaPrath

The house was unassuming at first look. Excited at the possibility of something new, the family quickly settled in with a burgeoning hope that everything would change ... including their father, Owen. Their collective dis-ease permeated the house as they held their breath waiting for Owens’s first tirade but the house beat him to it. The house is possessed with unbelievable terror.

This is a true story about the author, Christopher LaPrath, as a young boy and his journey from a hellish childhood to manhood while caught between his earthly reality and a spiritual realm. Chris communicates with the dead. As a child, he was their mouthpiece … he was their voice and Chris understood well those things of Trestle Creek that were haunting more than his family.

He had a front row seat to those things even the dead fear.

Read more about Chris, his true and inspiring journey and the lives this book has changed ... click here.

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