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Inner Freedom Program

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Are you ready to live up to your full potential?

This program is crafted for anyone who is up for a change, take the lead in their lives and ready to step into their inherent freedom, confidence and worth. This experience will give deeper awareness around limiting beliefs and judgements and will reclaim your empowerment and selflove in daily life.

Together with a group of like minded people you will be guided through an interactive, intimate and mindshifting approach. You will discover what is in your way towards real inner freedom

This program and practices are based on psychology, honesty practices, voice dialogue, meditation & movement, coaching and NLP.


Session 1: Freedom

Session 2: Right & Wrong

Session 3: High Standards

Session 4: Fight or Flight

Session 5: A New Friend

BONUS:  1:1 Follow-up call after the Program 



Sign up now to secure your spot. We only have 10 spots available. ​






LOCATION: Overtoom 89-1, Amsterdam

TIME SCHEDULE: starting at 19.30 and closing at 22.00.

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Beyond your conditioning

New starting date will be announced soon!

Join this 5-week path of self liberation together with a group of like-minded people.

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Thank you soo much for encouraging me to join the course. It’s a beautiful “coincidence” that it started right when I set an Aim to embody inner-freedom. And now after those beautiful 5 sessions we had together and self discipline and practice I definitely feel much more free within myself.

I’ve learned so much from the meetings but what stood out for me personally is how much our limitations are truly self-imposed and how when we recognise that and get to free ourselves internally no one can ever impose anything on us because there’s no weakness to explore because we’ve already given it up and disindentified from it. Also how much grace and healing there is in doing this openly and vulnerably within a group in a supportive, intimate and safe setting. My fears and judgements seem so heavy and shameful when they’re in my mind but so human and normal and valid when they are shared.

I loved your welcoming and loving energy. I loved your creativity in how you made the course and exercises both informative and playful. I loved all the giggles and cries and warmth and intimacy that we shared as a group.

Thank you for making me feel welcome the way I am, and for cheering for me when I was having breakthroughs.

Syrine Neifar

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